Can Your Space Benefit from Control4 Technology?


Adding Smart Technology Brings Immediate Benefits to Your Home or Business

Keeping up with the latest smart technology offerings can be difficult whether you’re a homeowner, small business owner or office manager. A new device or feature becomes available every day, from tunable lighting to new music distribution systems. The best way to ease your entrance into the smart tech landscape is to work with consolidated solutions from companies like Control4.

The most significant benefit of a Control4 system is that all your features –lighting, security, AV, climate and more—live within the same platform. Work with a Control4 dealer to gauge which features make the most sense for your space and how to manage them for optimal results. 

Our Control4 certified showroom in Dallas, TX, is a great way to interact with these solutions firsthand. This blog highlights some unique ways to use these features in homes and businesses throughout the area as a start before you call or pay us a visit.

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The most popular feature in many of our installations is lighting control. The ability to manage lights using keypads, touchpads, mobile apps, sensors and schedules is one of the biggest benefits of integrating a Control4 system. This feature offers a significant return on investment on the commercial front by reducing energy waste while boosting productivity.

For residential and commercial applications, intuitive control of lights helps you find the ideal settings for optimal comfort and efficiency. Motion sensors reduce waste and enhance security and safety for outdoor lighting. Crafting well-lit outdoor spaces will not only dissuade criminals but help reduce tripping hazards.


There are a few Control4 features besides lighting that make your space safer overall. Maintain an eye on your home or office with live surveillance footage accessible at any time on your Control4 interface. Pull up the status of your locks and alarm and implement changes directly from the app if needed. Although these features are great for one location, they’re particularly useful across multiple properties. Review the status of various stores or your vacation home seamlessly for greater peace of mind. 


Through your Control4 system, you can easily manage all the audio and video on your property. Music follows you throughout the day through in-ceiling speakers with a multi-room audio solution that lets you choose the artists or songs you want with a simple button press. Enjoy your favorite movies in stellar 4K or 8K resolution on all your TVs while keeping your source components discreetly hidden from view.

Now more than ever, video conferencing is vital in both home and business environments. Through high-end displays, speakers and collaboration software, Control4 allows you to connect with clients and employees stress-free. Streamline operations with custom meeting scenes that adjust the lights, shades and AV for the perfect presentation.


Surveys overwhelmingly show the top complaint in office environments is temperature. Exacerbating the situation is the fact that complaints split evenly between it being too cold and too hot. Crafting the perfect environment requires an intuitive solution that lets you adjust quickly throughout the day. Optimize your space and end the thermostat wars—both at home and at work—with smart climate control.

Not only can you manage your thermostat from the smart device of your choice, but you can take a more proactive approach through schedules and sensors. During the hottest parts of the day, the temperature lowers for greater comfort. Sensors advise your thermostat to go into eco-mode in unoccupied areas, leading to significant energy savings, particularly in commercial settings.

To learn more about incorporating Control4 into your space, visit our certified showroom or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation. Our team of experts will craft a custom solution that addresses your unique needs and preferences.

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