When Is the Best Time to Add a Lighting Control System to a Home?


At what phase should builders, architects, and homeowners think about adding smart lighting?

Lighting control is one of the most useful and convenient smart technologies to integrate into Dallas, TX homes. For homeowners, lighting control brings energy savings, privacy, natural light control, and convenience into their lives. For builders and architects, including integrated lighting control in home project contracts adds significant value for clients seeking more automation and customization in their new homes.

The traditional thinking was that new construction was the best time to install a lighting control system due to the in-wall and in-ceiling wiring required. But leading brands like Lutron have made smart lighting accessible to homeowners in all stages of the game — new builds, remodels, renovations, and retrofits.

With Lutron, there is no “best” time to add lighting control — Lutron offers several systems that make installation easy at any phase of a home project. Keep reading to learn more.

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New Builds

Integrating whole-home lighting control with new construction is a time-saving and cost-saving solution for home builders/architects and homeowners. In a new build project, homeowners can save a significant amount of money on a hardwired system because pre-wiring is built into a home’s infrastructure. Adding hardwired lighting control to an existing home involves ripping up the floors, walls, and ceiling to run new wiring. Builders and architects working with an experienced lighting integrator will benefit from wiring infrastructure and lighting design built into the comprehensive design from the beginning — potentially saving on the hours of labor that would be necessary to add these features at a later date.

Lutron’s RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks systems are fantastic options for whole-home control in new construction. RadioRA 2 is a wireless-only solution that supports up to 200 devices. Each zone of light has a local, wall-mounted switch or dimmer, but homeowners can also use wireless smart devices to manage and control home lighting.

Use the Lutron app on a smartphone, a touchscreen tablet app, wall-mounted or tabletop keypads, or the wireless Pico remote to adjust dimmers, activate scenes, set lighting schedules, or turn on/off the lights anywhere in the house. RadioRA 2 integrates with Lutron’s wireless shades, thermostats, and occupancy/vacancy sensors for complete control over a home’s comfort.   

Lutron HomeWorks is the gold standard in lighting control. HomeWorks is designed to be a centralized, hardwired system that hides all dimming modules, switches, and panels in a utility closet. Banks of local switches and dimmers are replaced with stylish keypads that can control local lights and any light throughout the house.   

Like with RadioRA 2, homeowners can control the HomeWorks system from a smart device of choice and integrate it with Lutron shades, climate, and sensors for more convenient control over a home’s environment.

Retrofits and Renovations

Many homeowners are under the misconception that adding lighting automation is too costly and time-consuming for existing homes because it would involve rewiring the house. But with Lutron’s wireless systems, sophisticated smart lighting is available for any existing home that wants it.

Lutron’s Caséta lighting system is a fantastic introduction to smart lighting for retrofits or remodels in one or a few rooms— like the kitchen, master bedroom, living room, or great room. Caséta is a wireless mini-system that supports up to 75 devices. It’s a great starter kit for homeowners who want to ease into smart lighting by controlling only a few main rooms. Like with other Lutron lighting systems, homeowners can control smart switches and dimmers locally or use a smart device to adjust lights, build scenes, and set schedules. Over time, homeowners can expand Caséta lighting or integrate compatible shades, thermostats, and sensors from Lutron and leading third-party brands for a more connected home

For whole-home retrofits or remodels, Lutron’s RA2 Select and RadioRA 2 are excellent additions. Both systems are wireless and use a home’s existing wiring to install local smart switches and dimmers. RA2 Select supports 100 devices, while RadioRA 2 supports 200 devices.

Let’s start a conversation about smart lighting control. Our team at Multimedia Solutions, Inc. helps our Dallas, TX, trade partners and homeowners find the best home lighting solutions for new and existing homes of all shapes and sizes. Call us or fill out a contact form to get in touch with our experts.

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