Offer Your Clients Safer Homes With Smart Security Solutions


Ensure homeowners feel protected with integrated security, access control, and video surveillance systems

Smart home security and surveillance solutions are a rapidly growing field within the technology industry. Homeowners seek enhanced protection features and more oversight to ensure that their property and loved ones are safe from home intrusions, fires, gas leaks, and other threats.

If you’re a design-build professional, you can gain a competitive edge by offering clients integrated smart security solutions with new constructions. Partner with a security expert like Multimedia Solutions, Inc. to bring smart security, access control, and video surveillance systems to new homeowners in Austin, TX. What do your clients stand to gain? Keep reading to find out key value proposition features of integrated home security systems.  

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Monitor and Manage Home from Anywhere

Smart video surveillance cameras are accessible and controllable from anywhere in the world with a smartphone app. With a few taps on an app, homeowners can watch live footage of the porch to see if a package has arrived or take a quick peek inside the house to make sure the kids are home from school and doing homework.

And 24/7 oversight isn’t exclusive to video surveillance systems. With an integrated security system, homeowners can view and change the status of door locks, alarms, sensors and more on their smartphone from across town at the office or across the ocean on vacation. 

Control Home Access

Access control solutions like gate entry systems, smart doorbells, and smart door locks allow homeowners to control who has access to their home. With a smart gate entry system, homeowners can communicate with delivery persons and other visitors using two-way audio and video. They can remotely open the gate to let the Amazon driver leave a package on the porch, then close and lock the gate afterward.

Smart doorbells with two-way audio and video function much like gate entry systems do. Homeowners can see and talk to who’s at the door and decide the next steps whether they’re at home or away.

Switching from physical keys to electronic door locks offers homeowners more control over who’s entering and exiting the house. The children, babysitters, housekeepers, and relatives can all be assigned unique keycodes for entry. Homeowners can monitor who’s using a code and when on their smartphone app.  

Receive Instant Notifications

Smart security and surveillance devices provide instant notifications to homeowners when something is amiss at home. Homeowners can receive an alert to their smartphone when a camera detects movement, a door opens, a window breaks, life safety sensors detect dangerous gases, smoke, or fire, and when the burglar alarm goes off. Receiving proactive communications allows homeowners to take necessary steps to contact the authorities or come home to deal with a problem.

Partner with Multimedia Solutions, Inc. to bring smart security, access control, and video surveillance systems to your clients in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Give us a call or fill out an online contact form to connect.

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