3 Essentials for the Ideal Home Theater


New Technology Can Guarantee an In-Home Cinematic Experience

Since it’s hard, if not impossible, for most of us to make it to the local cinema these days, now might be the time to install a home theater with new technology that mimics the real thing in almost every aspect.

Not only can your fully automated home theater in Houston, TX, be stylish, and easy to use, but your home theater installation will also fit the specific dimensions of any space in your home.

The installation and design professionals at Multimedia Solutions will be able to customize an in-home theater venue with the latest high-end audio and visual equipment so that any space in your home can offer you real-world cinematic experience.

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1. High-End Film Projection Technology

To be astounded and shaken by a film’s stunning visuals, you must have the best screens and film projectors available. The current standard of excellence in film projectors are ones that display 4K Ultra HD resolution.

But to achieve all the technology has to offer, you’re going to first have to consult with a professional AV tech who’s had years of experience, not just working with the hardware, but also scouting each home’s space in order to understand how each home theatre should be designed.

Once our installation expert has gathered the data on the room you’ve decided to put your theater venue, he can then consult with you on where to place the projector and screen for optimal viewing. This will be done considering several factors like screen size and seating placement.

There are several types of high-tech projection screens you can choose from. You can select screens that replicate a traditional cinema design by allowing sound to pass through the screen or a screen that is designed to only capture light emitted from your projector.

2. Your Home Theater Must Be Fully Automated

As you enter your home theater space, you should be able, with a single command, to dim the lights, turn on your projector, and raise the sound.

“Lights, camera, action!” This is the promise smart technology brings to homeowners. Using an integrated, home automation system like Control4, you’ll simply say to your smart speaker, “theater on,” or press a button on your smartphone and gain access to all your movies and streaming platforms.

Of course, all of these functions will have to undergo a battery of testing to make sure your network will be sufficient to perform these tasks, but professional installers will have made all of these determinations far in advance of the initial home theater design stage.

3. Audio Is Just as Important As Other Design Aspects

When you’re at an actual movie theater, speakers have been hidden in specific locations, so that you can hear every drop of rain and feel every explosion from any seat in the house. The same should be true of your home theater.

In doing an assessment for your home theater, installers will determine the best location of surround sound speakers and also conduct spatial audio checks to see if there might be places where echo might occur.

Then we can consult with you on what type of acoustic treatments and calibration, if any, might be needed.

Let’s Discover the Theater Design That’s Right for Your Home

There are a lot of things to consider when personalizing your own home theater, so let our experienced team help you design the perfect home theater venue. Call us or contact us here today!


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