2 Reasons Lutron Is a Great Choice For Motorized Window Treatments


Since we are finding ourselves spending more time indoors than usual, thinking about window treatments is bound to be on your mind.

Spending so much time indoors can be stressful and cause anxiety and depression. Having the perfect window treatment for your space could have a huge effect on your mental health.

We all know that we need sunlight because we respond emotionally to it. However, besides the mental health perspective, there is an energy conservation perspective. Making use of daylight efficiently reduces the need for artificial light.

Modern motorized window treatments are both convenient and easy to use, making them the perfect choice for your smart home.

Austin, TX is known for being eco-friendly in their views and behaviors, which makes Lutron, an eco-friendly company, and Austin, TX a perfect match.

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1. Besides Being Convenient and Looking Great, Lutron’s Window Treatment Solutions Save Energy

Lutron’s shading solutions are extremely convenient. One of the best features is that the control of your motorized window treatments is not limited to one station on a wall.

Lutron shading systems can be controlled by wireless controls, IR remote controls, and keypads. Adjustments to the shades can also be set to a timer. You truly are in total control when it comes to the shading solutions Lutron offers.

Lutron also has stylish controls and great fabric options which create the perfect ambiance for each space in your home. That being said, what many of our customers love the most is the fact that they save on their electric bills and reduce energy consumption.

We all know how hot it can be during the summer, especially in Texas. Indoor cooling costs can be through the roof. By utilizing the “Summer Cool” option, shades will be lowered and solar heat gain will be blocked. This will help you conserve energy and use your air conditioner less.

Besides saving energy, fabric for the shades are made of sustainable materials, making them better for the environment.

2. Lutron Can Be Customized for Your Needs

By working with a trusted Lutron dealer like Multimedia Solutions, Inc., you can enjoy a tailored solution made to fit your needs. Lutron’s high-end solutions are only sold through certified dealers to ensure optimal system integration and design.

Not only that, but Lutron’s products work with many types of security systems, thermostats, and voice control systems. Our expert integrators will be able to seamlessly fit their motorized shades and lighting control solutions with the rest of your smart home technology.

Let’s Find the Perfect Lutron Window Treatments for You and Your Space

Lutron has tons of different options that make them the perfect choice for homes of all shapes and sizes. Reach out to our shading experts to find a solution that matches all your needs. Just fill out our contact form or give us a call to get started.

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