Why Builders Should Use Custom Integrators for Wi-Fi Installs


Builders are No Longer Leaving Wi-Fi Installation to Homeowners

Due to market growth in smart home automation, few contractors are building homes without considering the technology that will be integrated now or in the future. They're aware of the importance their clients and potential homebuyers place on smart home technology and Wi-Fi that ensures seamless functionality. According to Wired, 75% of consumers value seamless connectivity between connected devices above all else.

By integrating wireless connectivity from the start of construction, builders entice a new generation of tech-driven homebuyers. When houses are engineered with wireless in mind, clients know their homes will have complete coverage and not have to worry about dead spots, slow downloads, or intermittent lag.

For 38 years, Multimedia Solutions, Inc has been performing Wi-Fi installations and smart home integration in Houston, TX, homes. We’ve seen the advent of technology and understand the importance of connectivity and work with builders and architects to ensure their client’s homes exceed their expectations.

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Consult With a Tech Professional Early to Meet Clients’ Smart Home Goals With Shades and Lighting


A smart home integrator is an indispensable partner during all stages of the design-build process

The demand for smart technology in new homes is on the rise in Dallas, TX, and across the U.S. To meet that demand, design-build firms increasingly partner with technology experts to bring more intuitive technologies, convenient features, and smarter home control to clients.

But when is the right time to consult an integrator? In the past, technology installation has been treated as a finishing touch to newly built homes. However, now that smart technology is an integral part of home design and function, the best time to bring in a tech expert is at the beginning of custom projects. A firm like Multimedia Solutions, Inc. is an indispensable partner throughout the entire design-build process for audio video systems, smart lighting, motorized window treatments, security, home control, and more. Keep reading to learn how.

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Offer Your Clients Safer Homes With Smart Security Solutions


Ensure homeowners feel protected with integrated security, access control, and video surveillance systems

Smart home security and surveillance solutions are a rapidly growing field within the technology industry. Homeowners seek enhanced protection features and more oversight to ensure that their property and loved ones are safe from home intrusions, fires, gas leaks, and other threats.

If you’re a design-build professional, you can gain a competitive edge by offering clients integrated smart security solutions with new constructions. Partner with a security expert like Multimedia Solutions, Inc. to bring smart security, access control, and video surveillance systems to new homeowners in Austin, TX. What do your clients stand to gain? Keep reading to find out key value proposition features of integrated home security systems.  

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Meet The Demands of Modern Homebuyers


Partnering With a Premier Control4 Dealer Provides Smart Home Solutions Your Clients Expect

The current housing boom is unprecedented. Recent events have awakened a desire for comfort, space and safety in urban dwellers. Among those adding to the demand are millennials finally entering the market in numbers many predicted might never happen.

Many of these younger, digitally connected buyers are not seeking any home; they desire a house that personally suits their lifestyle needs and expectations. Technology that provides convenience and luxury is no longer a niche product. Contemporary homeowners view it in the same light as electricity and plumbing.

As a Control4 dealer, we are well acquainted with the design, integration, and implementation of smart home technologies. Together we can offer your clients the ultimate in entertainment, security, climate control, and more.

Are you looking for a trusted home automation trade partner to offer advanced solutions to your clients? Read more below to find how we are your best choice in the Houston, TX area. 

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