Advantages of Integrating Home Network Installations in New Construction


A Professionally Installed Home Network Can Add Value to New Homes

If you've been in Austin for any amount of time, you know the housing market here is almost always a seller's market. Austin is one of the top ten fastest-growing cities in the country, with around 128 people moving to the metro each day. This gives builders a real advantage as homes are in high demand.

But one way to get ahead of the competition is to provide smart home features that most buyers are looking for. These features will need to rely on a robust home network, though, which is why you should consider integrating a home network installation into your construction plans for new homes, so you can provide customers with high-quality features they can’t find anywhere else.

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Take the Load Off Their Home Automation System

Most homeowners have a lot of devices working at once in their home. The TV is steaming, kids watching Youtube videos on their phones, a laptop open with at least five browser tabs, and another open for video conferencing. And those are just the personal devices.

With these DIY installed networks, systems can be taxed with just a few extraneous devices and can cause buffering and delays. This can cause even more issues with a home automation system with lighting or security systems on the same network. Providing a professional home network installation can eliminate buffering and prioritize devices so less critical ones can operate off a wifi network.  

Professional Installation Means Optimized Devices

On the subject of optimization, a professional installation means hardwiring an automation system, so homeowners never have to worry about lost signals. An installer can make this connection and calibrate systems, such as lighting and AV systems, so they receive priority from the home’s network interface. Additionally, devices such as those in home theaters can be optimized, so streaming isn’t interrupted, no matter where it is located in the home.

Superior Network Security and Monitoring

Nothing lasts forever, and even the most robust systems and equipment experience failures. Homeowners that install a network themselves will likely experience these pretty often. But with a professional installation, quality installed equipment will last much longer.

You can also have your installer monitor the network for malware and firmware updates to keep devices running smoothly. Monitoring services can also be provided to monitor devices for glitches and failures, with remote troubleshooting. This is the kind of added value customers are looking for that builders and designers can provide to enhance their businesses.

Consider adding home networking installations to your residential contracts to add value to your business. Give us a call at 512-519-9361 or chat with us online to have our networking experts install one in your next project.

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