Why Builders Should Use Custom Integrators for Wi-Fi Installs


Builders are No Longer Leaving Wi-Fi Installation to Homeowners

Due to market growth in smart home automation, few contractors are building homes without considering the technology that will be integrated now or in the future. They're aware of the importance their clients and potential homebuyers place on smart home technology and Wi-Fi that ensures seamless functionality. According to Wired, 75% of consumers value seamless connectivity between connected devices above all else.

By integrating wireless connectivity from the start of construction, builders entice a new generation of tech-driven homebuyers. When houses are engineered with wireless in mind, clients know their homes will have complete coverage and not have to worry about dead spots, slow downloads, or intermittent lag.

For 38 years, Multimedia Solutions, Inc has been performing Wi-Fi installations and smart home integration in Houston, TX, homes. We’ve seen the advent of technology and understand the importance of connectivity and work with builders and architects to ensure their client’s homes exceed their expectations.

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Proactive Home Network Solutions

A week Wi-Fi signal can disable smart-home functionality and cause delays. When this occurs, notifications from smart locks can show up late, and surveillance feeds may lag. As is evident, not only do homeowners experience frustration but possible security issues.

Mesh Wi-Fi networks offer possible solutions with routers that can distribute a wireless signal from multiple locations. These networks can also be adapted to deliver stronger signals to devices requiring more bandwidth. As the number of connected devices increase, however, bandwidth decreases and bottlenecks may occur.  

Today’s customer-centric builders are taking a proactive stance, offering pre-wired and wireless connected houses and no longer leaving the installation of wireless routers to homeowners. Builders are installing and optimizing the Wi-Fi network in the same manner they incorporate gas and electric utilities.

Access points are installed on every floor to ensure good Wi-Fi coverage, homes are pre-wired with network data, and builders and smart home integrators work together to design homes with scalability in mind. Wi-Fi installers leave room for additional access points that may be required as home technologies expand, such as lighting and blind control, smart doorbells, security cameras, and more.

Return on Investment

Making homes Wi-Fi ready continues to appeal to more homeowners, with a large percentage willing to pay more for this feature. Knowing that they don’t have to worry about it as their connected devices expand brings peace of mind and a sense of security. Many contractors also offer smart-home packages that may include climate control, smart blinds and lights, security, and entertainment, all of which require a robust network.

Established in 1983, Multimedia Solutions, Inc continues to provide industry professionals and homeowners with best-in-class connectivity solutions. As smart home integrators, we understand the need for a robust home network and ensure devices function securely and at their full potential. For a no-obligation quote or to learn more about our services, call Multimedia Solutions, Inc today.

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