How Home Automation Systems Can Leverage Your Custom Home Business


Create the Ultimate Custom Home with Integrated Home Automation Systems. 

Nothing says luxury more than a custom-built home, designed specifically for the client in mind. Every little detail is perfectly tailored to their needs and wants in their dream home. When most Houstonians envision a custom home, we are thinking of the likes of the River Oaks neighborhood. But custom homes can be adjusted to any budget and lifestyle and expanded across many demographics. One way to truly tap into the market is with the ultimate in customized luxury, a home automation system.

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Residential Designs with Commercial Building Bells and Whistles

Smart homes and smart buildings are common buzzwords in the building industry these days, with an ongoing divide between the commercial and residential approaches when it comes to automation.

Commercial projects often had a more extensive infrastructure that necessitated an energy management approach to controlling building systems, such as lighting and HVAC, that most residential buildings were not demanding.

But now, energy management systems and automation systems aren’t as clunky and complicated. Home automation systems like Control4 can integrate all a home’s systems seamlessly. This is a perfect marriage with custom homes where architectural elements can lend themselves to more automation, such as pool house lighting or wine cellar thermostat controls.

Home Automation Provides an Opportunity for Customized Designs

A customized home comes with an owner that wants their life to be design around their needs. And nothing says tailor-made more than a home that not only is built around their lifestyle but also reacts and predicts to their needs and wants. For example, a homeowner plans a pool party for the weekend, With a home automation system customized for their home, they can enjoy a bit of preprogramming that will automate their lighting, party playlist, and streaming art on an outdoor entertainment system right when they need it.

Management for a Smarter, Healthier Custom Home

These days anyone can program a thermostat. But a custom home automation system can go beyond that with whole-home temperature, humidity, and very soon, air purification management. But occupant comfort in, say, a kitchen versus a bedroom will vary. The same goes for lighting comfort levels. A custom automation system can change temperatures and adjust shades to meet the needs of every space. A client with a home gallery may have particular requirements for priceless art, and an automation system can ensure that the humidity and temperature are adjusted and maintained for those perfect conditions.

Give your customers the best in a customized home with a home automation system. Contact us at our Houston office here or chat with a representative live.

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