Why Home Builders Should Incorporate Smart Technology from a Control4 Dealer


Working With Automation Installers Can Lead to More Adaptive Home Designs

Home developers and builders have certainly noticed the revolution in smart home automation. Demand for these systems is on the rise, and incorporating smart systems into your design plans will instantly boost the value of any property.

Control4 is probably the most well-known home automation system in the world. For almost 20 years, their automation systems have been integrated into home designs, and to date, can be found in over half a million houses around the planet.

While it’s easy to understand the appeal of these systems, understanding the logistics needed to integrate this kind of smart home technology requires expertise that most builders don’t have. The easiest way to design a smart home is to seek consultation from a team of experienced home automation experts in the Houston, TX area who are also Control4 dealers.

Here are just some of the advantages to designers and builders when working with integrators of smart home automation.

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Saving On Expenses

Many builders know that when constructing a home or remodeling, last-minute changes can cost them time and money they can’t afford to lose. Removing drywall when a house is nearly completed to add new wiring and cables can cause massive headaches.

To prevent having to retrofit certain elements of construction, it’s best to consult with a home technology engineer before committing to the final phase of home design. We can advise you on how to achieve your client’s expectations while minimizing changes to the overall design once construction begins. This can save you money on labor and materials, because you won’t have to do extra renovations to implement home technology.

Saving Yourself Time

When building a home, there are always a multitude of logistical concerns that arise, and worrying about clients who want to incorporate automation technology into their home is time you just don’t have.

Integration designers are the ones who can appease clients who have a lot of expectations for their home technology while builders can focus on their area of expertise instead of having to answer every little request made by the customer.

Once we’ve spoken with the client, we’ll come up with in-depth documentation for their system design. We’ll share this with your team, so we can collaborate on the best way to integrate it into your existing home design. We can take care of wiring and implementation of lighting, audio, video, security and more. All without outsized budgets or project timelines.

To learn more about how our installation engineers can assist you in the technology design of your homes, contact us here or give us a call at (972) 488-1084. We look forward to hearing from you.

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