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Your Home Network is More Critical than Ever

Your Home Network is More Critical than Ever

With the current health crisis and shelter-at-home directives, everyone is spending far more time at home. And with workplaces, offices, schools, and venues temporarily closed, the house is now the center of a much higher volume of activity for work, play, and entertainment.

We already lived in a connected world, but now those connections are more important than ever. Your home already depended on fast internet connections for computers, laptops, smartphones, gaming devices, TVs, smart automation, and more. With everyone at home working, learning, and playing, home networks are increasingly strained.

How do you ensure the home networking performance in your Austin, TX, residence is keeping pace with all the traffic? Keep reading to see how to optimize your network for all of your family’s activities.

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Weak Wireless

Many homes have weak or dead spots for Wi-Fi in their homes. Sometimes just moving a few feet in one direction can make the reception bad enough that your device starts freezing on loading web pages or with apps not functioning. If you are relying, as many households do, on the router/modem supplied by your internet provider, you may not be getting the range you need.

What are the solutions? They may range from higher-end routers with more robust wireless radios and range to strategically located wireless access points. In some homes, mesh networks that daisy-chain wireless access across a property may also be a solution.

Video Streaming Problems

Whether you are doing many more Zoom or Skype video calls throughout the day or Netflix is getting a workout with multiple streams, these applications tax your network’s performance. If you are experiencing laggy video calls or stuttering and buffering on your streaming video – especially with 4K – you may have problems with a router not keeping up or properly prioritizing traffic.

Routers are special-purpose computers, and they are not all alike. Higher-end products have more powerful hardware and better software to manage a greater capacity of traffic and manage it efficiently, offering smooth performance across different types of applications, like voice calls, video streams, and large downloads.

How Multimedia Solutions, Inc. Can Help

Each home and environment is different, and networking solutions are not "one size fits all." Our networking experts can assess your home network performance, note trouble areas, and configure and install the right setup that provides you with the connectivity your family needs for work, school, staying in touch, and entertainment. As a plus, our solutions can be remotely monitored and maintained. We can install software updates, test your network remotely, and diagnose and fix issues without having to step into your home so that you stay connected without worry.

Ready to step up your home networking performance to the fast lane? Call us today at (512) 519-9361 to learn more, or reach out on our online contact page. We look forward to working with you.

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