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Wow Your Clients With Theaters That Go Beyond Standard Entertainment 

Incorporating a theater into luxury homes is rapidly becoming the norm with the availability of enhanced home audio video systems. As streaming service start showing more first-run movies, homeowners love the comfort of skipping the cinema and staying with home with a custom home theater that satiates their movie and TV show cravings. How can you ensure you are delivering a custom home theater that is to your client’s high standards? A professional helps you find the perfect design and components for your projects in Austin, TX. 


Video Technology

There are two ways your clients can go about this - either invest in a large flat-screen TV or a projector and screen duo for an enhanced viewing experience. For televisions, you need to ensure the system provides you with 4K resolution and high dynamic range. When it comes to selecting a projector system, you need to find one that not only offers 4K video resolution but the needed brightness depending on the ambient light available in the room. Pair it with a high-end theater screen designed to reflect ambient lighting for a more dynamic display. 

Surround Sound Speakers

If you're opting for a flatscreen for the theater, it might come with inbuilt speakers, but these are usually subpar in quality and won’t deliver an immersive experience. For this reason, we recommend working with an AV professional to install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for a surround sound layout that delivers 360-degree audio. We’ll guide you on the angles and heights of each speaker depending on the seating layout that the homeowner chooses for the theater. 

Lighting Control System

If you want to take your home theater set up one step further, we recommend investing in a smart lighting solution that includes both managing the lights and the shades in the room. For lighting, you can incorporate smart lighting control that can change the intensity, color, and intensity of the lighting as soon as your movie begins. Motorized shades eliminate natural lighting from entering the room through shades made of blackout materials. 

The shades can be brought down using the same system that controls your lighting and AV for a superior movie viewing experience. We can help design scenes for your client so as soon as they hit play, the lights dim, shades close, and your projector or flatscreen power up. 

There are a lot of things to consider when personalizing your client’s custom home theater installations, so let our experienced team help you design the perfect home theater. Call us or contact us here today! 

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