A smart home integrator is an indispensable partner during all stages of the design-build process

The demand for smart technology in new homes is on the rise in Dallas, TX, and across the U.S. To meet that demand, design-build firms increasingly partner with technology experts to bring more intuitive technologies, convenient features, and smarter home control to clients.

But when is the right time to consult an integrator? In the past, technology installation has been treated as a finishing touch to newly built homes. However, now that smart technology is an integral part of home design and function, the best time to bring in a tech expert is at the beginning of custom projects. A firm like Multimedia Solutions, Inc. is an indispensable partner throughout the entire design-build process for audio video systems, smart lighting, motorized window treatments, security, home control, and more. Keep reading to learn how.

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Technology Design

Technology design is a specialized facet of interior design. Incorporating high-tech solutions into the home environment has as much to do with aesthetics as it does with functionality. At Multimedia Solutions, Inc., our specialty is designing high-performance audio video, lighting, shading, security, and climate systems that blend seamlessly with a home’s interior design and architecture.

A home’s technology doesn’t have to create more clutter in a space. Hidden TVs can be tucked away with lifts, cabinets, and mounts or concealed behind artwork, mirrors, or false walls. Likewise, whole-home audio speakers can be hidden in the walls and ceilings, with central source components installed in an out-of-the-way closet.

With centralized lighting control from Lutron, we can create a beautiful, layered lighting design in every room that’s controllable with elegant, wall-mounted keypads instead of a bank of switches (called wall acne”). We’ll pair Lutron lighting with stylish Lutron window treatments that are available in a range of fabric materials, mounting options, colors, and opacities to meet even the pickiest design preferences.

By pairing interior design with technology design during the home development process, we can ensure a cohesive, whole-home design that’s highly functional, comfortable, and gorgeous.

Prewiring and Installation

Prewiring lays the foundation for connecting smart home technologies like entertainment systems, lighting and shading, security, networking, and home automation. The best time to install prewiring is during the construction phase of a new home because the wiring runs through the home’s walls and ceiling.

Failing to prewire before the design-build process can lead to huge headaches for everyone later. It’s incredibly costly and time-consuming to rip open walls and floors to lay wire after the fact — and you also run the risk of destroying architectural features in the process.

Partnering with a prewiring expert at the beginning of custom projects helps keep the project on time and on budget. Additionally, prewiring future-proofs houses so that homeowners can add additional smart technology as their needs change.

Home Programming and Control

Smart technologies that function in isolation aren’t convenient. With siloed systems, homeowners end up with numerous apps, remotes, switches, and buttons to control their home devices. Home automation integrates all technologies into a single operating system and eliminates app and remote clutter. We create whole-home systems that homeowners can access, manage, and control from a single smart device like a smartphone app or tablet.

With centralized automation, homeowners can build schedules and scenes with connected devices, access their home remotely, and adjust any connected device from the comfort of the couch. At Multimedia Solutions, Inc., our primary goal is to deliver high-tech homes that are easy to use and make homeowners’ lives more comfortable and convenient.

Let’s work together to bring smarter homes to homeowners in Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas. If you’re interested in partnering with Multimedia Solutions, Inc. on your next custom project, give us a call or fill out an online form to connect.